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Generative AI

G-Data is one of the first multimodal generative AI platforms, where you can generate images and text with AI. Your interaction with these generative models creates valuable personal data that you can sell and profit from!


Biometric Extension

With G-Data’s Chrome Web Browser Extension, you can capture your biometric data such as webcam and audio data, and earn revenue! The data you generate when interacting with AI models is valuable, and we want you to earn when it is shared.


Personal Data Appraisal

G-Data is the first platform to provide a space where you state the value of the data you generate. Our partners and clients can negotiate with you to buy your data at a price that works for you!


Informed & Granular Consent

G-Data uses AI models to interpret the legal agreements you make, so that you can stay informed and protected! You are informed of a company’s intended use of your data, and whether you agree to that use.

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AI Consulting

G-Data Labs provides expert AI Consulting to navigate and optimize your AI solutions. Engage with us and monetize the data generated through our consulting services


AI Fine-tuning

Customize pre-trained AI models to your specific needs with our AI Fine-tuning service. The data generated during this process can be sold on your behalf


AI Data Collection

Our AI Data Collection service captures quality data for AI training. The collected data is yours to sell, aligning with our core values of consent, transparency, and fairness.

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